8(a) Certification

People ask why SBAF has such a high success rate for its 8(a) clients. The simple reason is that we won’t sign you up unless we feel confident that you qualify for the program.

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8(a) Turn-Key Certification Solution

Are you too busy growing your company to complete the 8(a) application yourself?

The good news is SBAF has over 40 years of assisting small businesses like yours, every step of the way.

We will guide you from start to finish with your 8(a) certification application making it much easier, and far less frustrating for you.

8(a) Application Review Service

During the 8(a) application review we thoroughly analyze your application to ensure that

  • All required forms are completed and submitted properly.
  • All required supporting documentation, based on your disclosures, is included.
  • All required financial information is included, and, most important,
  • All of the circumstances that may give rise to SBA concerns are properly addressed.

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8(a) Business Plan Service

Once you have been accepted into the 8(a) program – the first requirement of the government is a Business Plan using the 1010c format. Traditionally you have 30 days to meet the SBA Business Plan requirement.

The SBA 1010c Business Plan is a unique document that you will need to update throughout your participation in the 8(a) program. The 1010c deals with the firm's developmental objectives while in the 8a program. We will write and develop the 1010c business plan. We maintain copies of your plan if you need annual updates (you will) then we can update accordingly.

The entire business plan takes us, who are experienced with the 1010c form, approximately 20-30 hours to complete. An individual starting the plan from scratch will take approximately 100 hours, and in almost all cases SBAF’s work product will be of significantly higher quality.

8(a) Application Repair Service

Have you received that dreaded letter from the SBA saying they haven’t accepted your 8(a) certification application? Worse yet – has the SBA given you a deadline to respond to their findings or else have their rejection decision stand? SBAF has a tailored service that will help assist you in addressing short falls in your initial application. SBAF has successfully helped clients address issues and repair problem applications so that they can proceed for favorable consideration. Please contact us for a quote.

*This service is for potential clients whom we did not complete their original application.


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8(a) Annual Maintenance Service

Once you are in the 8(a) program there is a requirement for an annual review and maintenance of your certification. The annual review is due within 30 days of the close of each program year. This may seem daunting for some, who recently got into the program, to go through another treacherous process. The annual review is required for the SBA to determine the firm is still within the parameters of the program.

This means, that the firm and its owners are within the required financial restrictions. SBAF with its 8(a) Annual Maintenance Service will work with you to ensure you have the appropriate documentation and that you are staying within the guidelines of the program. We will update your business plan if you used us for the original 1010C plan.

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