SBAF Training Academy is a training and membership site that focuses on helping small businesses navigate the world of government contracting. The training provided covers both basic and advanced topics related to government contracting, and the membership site provides additional resources to support small business owners.

Government contracting can be a complex and competitive space, so it's important for small businesses to have access to resources and training that can help them succeed. The SBAF Training Academy is such a resource, offering small businesses the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the government contracting process and increase their chances of winning contracts.

If you're a small business owner looking to get into government contracting or improve your existing government contracting efforts, join us at the SBAF Training Academy.

SBAF Training Classes

SBAF Training Academy classes are specialized training courses designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate the federal government contracting landscape. These classes are offered by the Small Business Advisory Firm (SBAF) and are specifically targeted towards small businesses that want to sell their goods or services to the federal government.

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The SBAF Training Academy Membership provides small business owners the following competitive edge:

  • Access to Exclusive Content: SBAF Training Academy memberships provides updated access to the following:
    • Quarterly contracting opportunities for the various “Drill Down” agencies that we have covered on the Small Business Advisory Firm webinar series.
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July ’23 Launch date – stay tuned!