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GSA Schedules

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Turn-Key GSA Schedule Application

After determining if you are qualified for the GSA Schedule, SBAF provides a turn-key GSA Schedule application process. As a full-service GSA Schedule Consultant, we navigate you through the complexities of the GSA Schedule to help you effectively obtain and manage your GSA Schedule Contract.

Beyond saving you time and providing administrative relief, we serve as your market researchers, strategy advisers, proposal writers, and contract negotiators. Working with SBAF provides you with a talented team of contract professionals that have the experience and skills to position your GSA Schedule Contract for growth.

We offer tailored GSA life cycle solutions to meet your contract needs – whether you need assistance assessing your current situation and obtaining the right GSA Schedule or ensuring your awarded GSA Schedule Contract is up-to-date and compliant.

GSA Schedule Consultation and Strategy Development

Our strategic implementation phase is designed to outline your organization’s goals and objectives for getting a GSA Schedule Contract and to develop a customized approach for your organization. Our strategy sessions outline and determine pricing structures and profitability requirements.

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GSA Proposal Development and Submission

SBAF effectively and efficiently manage the entire proposal process – from completion of forms for signature to preparation of all representations, disclosures, and price lists. Our experienced team of contracting professionals ensures your proposal is perfect.  We even will take the GSA “tests” for Schedule candidates to help to facilitate the process moving forward.

GSA Proposal

Are you worried that your GSA Proposal won’t be accepted?  SBAF has a unique service where we will review your proposal before final submittal.  SBAF fully supports business owners who take on the daunting challenge of completing the schedule proposal on their own.  Sometimes you do all the work, feel confident that the proposal will be accepted but want an extra set of eyes to review your materials and make sure nothing was missed.  The SBAF GSA Proposal Review service will go through your uploaded documents on to ensure everything is in compliance.

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GSA Schedule Application Repair Service

Have you received the dreaded notice from the GSA that your schedule application has been rejected, or is incomplete?  Let us help with the resolution of this status through our SBAF’s GSA Schedule Application Repair Service.

GSA Maintenance Service

Our dedicated staff understands the importance of keeping your contract current. Our on-going GSA Contract management includes all of the support necessary to ensure your contract is consistently up-to-date, compliant, and optimized to your specific business goals.

SBAF’s on-going GSA Contract management provides your organization with a team of GSA Contract experts. Our project-team dynamic ensures your questions, tasks, and contract initiatives are addressed promptly.  Our established relationships with GSA Contracting Officers facilitate communication and the approval of time-sensitive modifications.

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